Ricos en proteínas y gran proveedor de minerales antioxidantes (selenio, cinc y magnesio).

Extending our organic Franch coast range, we offer a new product:
Organic Kamut 100% Franch coast.
The Kamut French coast provide in a higher percentage several basics nutrients for a mre Rich, balanced and healthy diet:
– More E Vitamin and Selenium (+30%)
– It contains more minerals and aminoacids.
– More proteins.
– Less Glycemic index (suitable or the diabetes control).
– More taste and digestive.
– More tolerable for allergic people (given that is not a hybrid wheat and its contains lower levels of gliadine and glutenine).
– No OGM.
– Grown in organic farming.

Nutritional values per 100 gr.
Calories 345 Kcal
Proteins 12,26 gr.
Lípids 1,55 gr.
Carbohydrates 70,24 gr.
Fiber 2 gr.

Kamut wheat is an ancestro of the modern ones.
It was developed thousands of years ago in the old Egypt, in a regio between the Tygris and Eufrates Rivers.
Wheat was named by Egyptians as Kamut.
The Kamut wheat has a pleasant sweet flavour.
It is a summer cereal and its grain is Burger than the current one.
Its nutrients are more powerful and they give it some properties.
– No OGM.
– Grown in Organic Farming.
– Anti-oxidant effect, thanks to its levels od selenium and E Vitamin (30% more than teh common one).
– It helps to avoid the colesterol oxidant (Basic for cardiovascular illnesses).
– It provides a 20%-40% more proteins (high levels of Lisene aminoacid).
– It contains a bigger aminoacids, vitamins and minerals quantity.
– More digestive.
– It has a peculiar and pleasant flavour.