Panadería Arrasate produces a great assortment of fresh baked goods daily. There are two main types of production: oven baked bread and frozen dough.

In oven baked bread we offer a wide range of products based on the needs and habits of our customers. These include the popular French stick, sourdough, wholemeal, sliced pan, muffin, baguette, salt free and even gluten free bread for people with celiac disease.

In frozen dough we have a wide variety of products aimed at “hot” selling points and caterers who dispose of convection ovens in order to finish the baking process. Adapting to our customers needs, we offer the French stick, baguette, ½ baguette, wholemeal baguette, sourdough, salt free and our renowned specialties such as the prokorn, corn and 8 grain. For catering, we also produce in smaller formats e.g., mini baguette, mini wholemeal etc.

If you should require any further information, don’t hesitate to contact us at 948130163.